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Taizhou Luqiao District Huyue Sprayer Factory is China Sprayer Parts Manufacturers and ODM Sprayer Parts Factory. Our company has advanced automatic production equipment, perfect testing equipment, a group of excellent technical personnel, strict and perfect management system, specializing in the production of more than 200 series of wholesale Knapsack Sprayer Parts. The company covers an area of 60000 square meters and has about 600 staff. our production is over millions of sprayers which are sold at home and abroad. With the full implementation of brand strategy, create first-class quality, we use the advanced computer-aided design software for product design and development.

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There are many different types of sprayers, each with its own unique parts and components. However, some of the most common parts found in many types of sprayers include:
1. Tank: The container that holds the liquid being sprayed.
2. Pump: The component that pressurizes the liquid and forces it through the nozzle.
3. Nozzle: The part of the sprayer that releases the liquid in a fine mist or spray pattern.
4. Wand: A long tube or extension that attaches to the nozzle and allows the user to direct the spray.
5. Hose: The flexible tube that carries the liquid from the tank to the pump and nozzle.
6. Pressure relief valve: A safety feature that releases excess pressure from the sprayer to prevent damage or injury.
7. Strainer: A filter that removes debris and other contaminants from the liquid before it enters the pump.
8. Shut-off valve: A valve that can be used to stop the flow of liquid from the tank to the pump.
9 Trigger: The component that activates the pump and allows the user to control the flow of liquid from the nozzle.
10. Handle: The part of the sprayer that the user holds and uses to carry the sprayer.
These are just some of the most common parts found in many types of sprayers. The exact parts and components can vary depending on the type of sprayer, its size, and its intended use.