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Taizhou Luqiao District Huyue Sprayer Factory is China OUTSIDE REFLOW PUMP Manufacturers and ODM OUTSIDE REFLOW PUMP Factory. Our company has advanced automatic production equipment, perfect testing equipment, a group of excellent technical personnel, strict and perfect management system, specializing in the production of more than 200 series of wholesale OUTSIDE REFLOW PUMP. The company covers an area of 60000 square meters and has about 600 staff. our production is over millions of sprayers which are sold at home and abroad. With the full implementation of brand strategy, create first-class quality, we use the advanced computer-aided design software for product design and development.

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A reflow pump is a device used in the process of reflow soldering in electronics manufacturing. Reflow soldering is a process used to join surface-mount components to printed circuit boards (PCBs) using solder paste. The reflow pump is used to pump hot air over the PCB to melt the solder paste and create a strong electrical and mechanical connection between the components and the PCB.
Reflow pumps are typically used in conjunction with a reflow oven or other heating device to provide precise control of temperature and airflow during the reflow process. The pump typically has a nozzle that directs the hot air onto the PCB and the components, and a temperature sensor to monitor and control the temperature of the air. The pump may also have a fan or blower to provide a consistent flow of hot air.
Reflow pumps are important tools in electronics manufacturing, as they help to ensure that the soldering process is consistent and reliable and that the resulting connections are strong and durable. Different types of reflow pumps are available, including manual and automated models, and they may have different features and specifications depending on the specific application.