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Battery Knapsack Sprayer is a kind of equipment that disperses liquid and is a kind of spraying machinery, divided into agricultural, medical and other uses (such as industrial use). It is generally called the sprayer is driven by manpower or a small battery machine, and the sprayer driven by the engine. Measure the quality index of the sprayer: 1. The size of the droplet; 2. The amount of spray; 3. The spray range and range. The operation quality of the sprayer is not only related to the machine but also related to the use of technology (also called spraying technology).

Classification of sprayers

The sprayer is divided into hydraulic, pneumatic and centrifugal sprayers according to the working principle. According to the mode of carrying, it is divided into a handheld, backpack, shoulder, pedal, stretcher, cart, self-propelled, towed, suspended, etc., as well as aviation sprayers. The motorized sprayer hauled or suspended by a tractor is suitable for preventing and controlling diseases and insect pests of field crops and is usually a spray bar type.

A boom sprayer is a motorized sprayer in which the spray head is mounted on a horizontal spray bar or a vertical spray bar. It is a kind of agricultural machinery that is matched with a tractor to complete the spraying operation and disperse the liquid. This type of sprayer has high operating efficiency, good spraying quality, and even spray volume distribution. It is suitable for spraying various liquid formulations such as pesticides, fertilizers and plant production regulators on a large area. It is widely used in field crops, lawns, nurseries, and wall types. Vineyards and special occasions (such as airport, road snow melting, roadside weeding, etc.). In recent years, the operating area of ​​field sprayer sprayers has accounted for more than 5% of China's pest control area. With the adjustment of agricultural planting structure and the improvement of scale and the rapid growth of the market share of large and medium-sized tractors, the boom sprayer technology will play an increasingly important role.

The main features of the boom sprayer:

1. The chemical tank has a large capacity, a long time for spraying, and high operating efficiency.

2. The liquid pump of the sprayer adopts a multi-cylinder diaphragm pump with large displacement and reliable operation.

3. The spray boom adopts a single-point hanging balance mechanism, which has a good balance effect.

4. The spray rod adopts a pull-rod turntable folding mechanism. The lifting, unfolding and folding of the spray rod can be controlled by operating the hydraulic cylinder in the cab, which is convenient and labor-saving.

5. The spray liquid pump on the machine can be directly used to add water to the dosing liquid tank, and the water adding pipeline is connected with the sprayer by a quick connector, which is convenient and fast for assembly and disassembly.

6. The spraying pipeline system has multi-stage filtration to ensure that the nozzle will not be blocked during the operation.

7. The liquid medicine in the liquid medicine tank is stirred by the backwater jet, which can ensure the uniformity and consistency of the liquid medicine concentration during the spraying operation.

8. The liquid tank and the drip-proof nozzle are made of high-quality engineering plastics.

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