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The electric knapsack sprayer and battery knapsack sprayer are two types of knapsack sprayers that are commonly used for pest control, weed control, and other agricultural applications. Here are some reasons why their use may be insufficient:

Limited range: Electric and battery knapsack sprayers have a limited range compared to traditional knapsack sprayers, as they are powered by electricity or batteries. This may make them less suitable for larger agricultural operations or for use in remote areas.

Limited capacity: Electric and battery knapsack sprayers typically have a smaller tank capacity compared to traditional knapsack sprayers. This may require more frequent refilling, which can be time-consuming and may interrupt work.

Limited power: While electric and battery knapsack sprayers are more efficient and easier to use than traditional knapsack sprayers, they may not have enough power to handle heavier applications or thicker liquids.

Battery life: Battery knapsack sprayers rely on battery power, which means that their run time is limited by the battery life. This may require frequent recharging, which can be inconvenient and may interrupt work.

Cost: Electric and battery knapsack sprayers are generally more expensive than traditional knapsack sprayers, which may make them less accessible to some farmers or agricultural workers.